Universitat de Barcelona


Since it was founded in the year 1450, the University of Barcelona has been a leading centre of education, science and critical thought. The quality of its teaching and research, which have won recognition both inside and outside Spain, complements the UB’s commitment to serving the interests of local society and the country as a whole, and combines with a demonstrably dynamic, constructivist and humanist character that permeates the daily activities of the institution.

Demand from prospective students consistently exceeds the offer of places, with more than 64.000 students enrolling each year at one of the UB’s six campuses. In the academic year 2013-2014, students were distributed across 66 bachelor’s degrees, 139 university master’s degrees, 73 doctoral programmes, over 600 postgraduate courses and some 400 on-site and distance lifelong learning courses. A broad selection of courses in offered, covering the many disciplines that make up the principal branches of knowledge: humanities, health sciences, social sciences, experimental sciences and engineering.

​As a research institution, the UB is among the leading Spanish universities in the principal international rankings. It is the only Spanish University ranked among the 200 leading universities in the world and the 100 best universities in Europe. Thanks to its research progress, the UB plays a predominant role in achieving scientific, technological, intellectual and cultural progress in Catalonia, and the work of its researchers can be read in the most prestigious publications in the scientific community.

Local Team

Joan-Tomàs Pujolà Font

Management and training


Jaume Batlle

Management and training


Joan-Anton Sánchez i Valero

Management and training