Innovation Week II

09-12 April 2024 at Borås University

In the context of the Erasmus+ project digiTED, Borås University will host an innovative training event in April 2024, aimed at teacher educators looking to enhance their digital teaching skills. The event will provide a dynamic environment for participants to collaborate, experiment and explore new ideas in the field of digital education. The whole event is designed to be highly hands-on with many activities for the participants to try out a variety of tools and innovative methods. With an emphasis on innovation and creativity, the event will challenge attendees to work together in transnational and interdisciplinary groups and develop practical solutions to authentic problems faced by educators. Through interactive workshops and networking opportunities, participants will have the chance to learn from experts in the field, as well as from each other and gain valuable insights into effective digital teaching practices. Whether you’re an experienced educator or just starting out, this event promises to be an exciting and educational event. Click here to enter the internal webpage of the event.

Learning with Educational Technologies

In different sessions, participants explored a range of educational technologies, trying out VR goggles, iPads, cardboard goggles, and Miro bits. Not just theory, this session offered the chance to experiment, test, and discover the potential of these tools in action.

Promoting Collaboration and Team Work

Teacher educators from diverse backgrounds and disciplines came together to work on a challenge: designing and testing educational escape game prototypes. This collaborative effort fostered cross-cultural exchange and interdisciplinary dialogue, as participants shared their expertise and perspectives. 

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Some sessions offered the theoretical underpinnings of various topics, while also equipping participants with practical tools and approaches. Dr. Ilka Nagel from Østfold University (Norway) was invited and presented her PhD findings focusing on the Professional Digital Competence in Norwegian Teacher Education Policy and Practice.

Play the games

Harry Potter and the Deathly School Practice

This game was developed by the #SupaTroopa Group and invites students to step into the shoes of aspiring teachers at Hogwarts University of Education. You must work together to complete a series of tasks set by the professors. Time is limited, and your goal is to achieve the highest score possible. The student with the best score gets the opportunity to choose Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for their teaching practice – but you can’t do it alone! You’ll need to use your teamwork and problem-solving skills to overcome the challenges and escape the teacher training trials.

The game was developed for students teachers who are new to the university. The learning goals are to prepare pre-serice teachers for their first teaching practice; to get to know the other students who are going to teaching practice and build a community; to share best practices and to learn about the digital tools and develop digital competences. Play the game here.

I, Human

This game was developed by the #TheTeachersTakeItAll Group. In this game, the AI, originally developed to make the world a better place, extinguished humanity, as it discovered that mother earth is better off without its greatest danger – humankind. Only few humans survived the AIpocalypse, the so-called DigiTedders. We are back at hunters and gatherers age and we discover an old museum with human’s great inventions, from languages, computer science, sociology and maths. In this game, you will have to unlock ancient knowledge and apply forgotten skills to ensure human’s future existence.

This game was developed for teacher educators and intends to promote and enhance transdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning by showing the teacher educators how to embed knowledge of teaching and learning in different disciplines. Moreover, it promotes collaborative skills. Check out the game here.

Harry Potter and the day that Magic died

“Harry Potter and the day that Magic died” is an interactive, mobile, educational escape game that was developed by the group called #ThePlawkers. Harry and his friends have lost ‘magic’, their tool to navigate the magical world. Now, Harry has to use muggle digital tools to cope in his world. These digital tools will replace the magic he once had. Harry, Hermione and Ron reach out to other schools in the magical world to help them on the quest. 

This game was developed for pre-service language and special education teachers. The learning goals of the game are to achieve or consolidate some teaching competences such as classroom management; to enhance digital teaching skills and to develop different soft skills also necessary for the profession, such as teamwork or communication skills. Click here to play the game.


#1 Where did the event take place?

The event took place at Borås University in Sweden.

#2 How was the event financed?

All or at least a major part of the costs related to the attendance at the Innovation Week II were covered by Erasmus+ for teacher educators employed at one of our partner institutions in Ireland, Estonia, Spain, Sweden and Germany. As a participant, they were provided with a list of accommodations located in close proximity to the event venue, which were then paid for by their own institution through the Erasmus+ budget. In addition, the funding covered all costs associated with their travel to the event venue. This included airfare, public transport, and any other travel-related expenses.

#3 What language was used during the event?

The whole event, as well as all materials created were in English. This decision has been made in order to ensure clear communication and facilitate the participation of individuals from different European countries. We understand that English may not be the native language for most of our participants. However, we encouraged them to take advantage of this opportunity to practice and improve your English language skills.

#4 What exactly did the participation entail?

In order to take part in the event, it was mandatory to take part in the following activities:

    1. Join our community and leave a pin on our Makermap.
    2. Take part in an online survey. 
    3. Record a short video asset in which you share good-practice example with us. 
    4. Bring a tool to the event and present during a Speedmeet.
    5. Join our virtual kick-off meeting on 05 April 2024 at 10:30 am (CEST).
    6. Take part in the Innovation Week, work together in a transnational group of teacher educators and solve an innovative challenge together.
    7. Afterwards, fill in an online survey to help us evaluate the event after.
    8. Take part in a podcast created by the national project teams.

#5 Who led the activity?

The Innovation Week II was led by the digiTED project consortium consisting of 9 teacher educators from Ireland, Estonia, Spain, Sweden and Germany. This team of professionals brings a range of experiences to the activity, with diverse perspectives and expertise.

#6 What Was the Programme of the Week? 

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