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This hybrid Makerspace is one of the project results of the digiTED project and will contain multimodal and interactive content, as well as a toolkit on and for the digitalisation among teacher educators. It addresses the need to pool European resources and create spaces for exchange of good practice and reflective dialogue among the professionals involved in teacher education. In this context, the Makerspace also connects, coordinates and stimulates professional learning across borders and disciplines, inside and outside institutions. This will be done by creating a virtual space where digital innovations can be shared, discussed and developed further.

With this Makerspace we intend to use professional synergies to collaboratively promote the creation of a sustainable and freely accessible European Digital Education Hub in the long run.

 The toolkit for teacher educators

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Navigating the landscape of digital tools in Teacher Education

In this section, you will discover a collection of valuable resources and information regarding the integration of digital tools and techniques in teacher education. We have compiled a list of essential didactical and methodological approaches, along with comprehensive frameworks, to support teacher educators in their teaching practices using digital tools.

In addition, we offer a catalog of references and sources that are concerned with the different areas of the digitalisation of teacher education. These resources are specifically pooled to benefit teacher education programs.

To foster collaboration and encourage future projects and initiatives, we have included a list of noteworthy contacts, including external stakeholders. Building a robust network is crucial for establishing strong partnerships and promoting engagement in (transnational) endeavors.

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