Our Team

The project consortium consists of four European Higher Education Institutions: the University of Education Ludwigsburg (Germany), the University of Borås (Sweden), the University of Barcelona (Spain), Tallinn University (Estonia) and the University of Galway (Ireland). Our associated partners are Hull University (UK) and Osijek University (Croatia).

How did we choose the partners?

#1 Based on their Expertise and experiences

The project partners were selected on the basis of their complementary specialism and diverse expertise in the field of the digitalisation of teacher education, along with the extensive project experiences all partners have. Together, we aim at addressing the growing concern that technologies are often being used only to replicate rather than to challenge and redefine professional practices in teacher education.

#2 Based on their individual needs 

,Although all partners have a proven expertise in regard to digitalising teacher education, we have identified common and significant needs that we believe can only be addressed in transnational collaboration, on a European level.

#3 Based on their networks 

All partners, as well as associated partners, bring with them a wide network of professionals working in teacher education, as well as external stakeholders. This is highly beneficial for this project, as we intend to establish a European community of teacher educators that provides spaces for professionals to learn from each other and support each other in regard to digitalisation. Moreover, we would like to open this network to other stakeholders and make them become an integral part of rethinking teacher education in a digital era.

#4 geographical positions  

Geographically, the partners cover most of Europe. To also include the South East, we have invited colleagues from Osijek University in Croatia to join this consortium as an associated partner.