“Escape the Algorithm”

Rescuing European Teacher Education

Game Description

“Escape the Algorithm” is a purpose-built educational escape game designed for four transnational and interdisciplinary groups of teacher educators, each consisting of 4-5 persons. With an one-hour timeframe, the game’s primary objectives are to introduce the participants to a diverse set of digital tools and technologies, as well as to promote team building within the groups. The immersive experience unfolds as teacher educators collaborate to outsmart Alice Byteson and her malicious AI, CurricuLance, designed to erase all teaching materials.


To set up the game, make sure you have the following:

  1. An iPad
  2. Access to a WiFi connection
  3. An X Account (at least one group member needs access)
  4. Install the “Actionbound” app on the iPad
  5. Install the “Merge Explorer” app on the iPad
  6. A sheet of paper to write down codes
  7. Print out the “Merge Cube” template
  8. Scissors and glue


To play the game, each group needs to be provided with one of the printouts below that link the four different Actionbounds. In order to start, each group scans one code and is directed to their group Actionbound. After this, they only need to follow the instructions. The groups have already been given names.

  1. DigiChamps
  2. WildBirds
  3. ITAvengers
  4. Group4

Interested in Playing the GAME?

If you should be interested to try out this educational escape game with your colleagues or students and need the solutions and instructions, please just let us know and we will send you everything. Also, we would value your feedback and welcome any suggestions for improvement! If you have any technical questions or would like to change something in the game, please reach out to us.

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