Criteria to Evaluate Digital Teaching Practices

This project result comprises the creation of an online catalogue of criteria to evaluate digital teaching practices of teacher educators. With digital, we refer to diverse settings in which digital tools are innovatively used, for example, to prepare and present content, to stimulate online collaboration among students or to assess innovative and digital student outputs.

This result addresses the need to support teacher educators more hands-on in their digital professional development and thus in their teaching practices. It intends to give the target group of this result, teacher educators, more guidance and also feedback on their practices. Moreover, it responds to the need to pool European resources.

In sum, we aim at developing a catalogue of overall European criteria that can be used in and transferred to other educational contexts. With this result we intend to promote the readiness of teacher educators to teach online and to design and organise digital courses, but also to engage them more in professional learning.

This result is innovative due to the fact that such a European tool for teacher educators to evaluate their own teaching practices does not exist yet.